Built for Adventure: Deciding Between the Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport

The off-road enthusiast community was ecstatic to see the Ford Bronco make a comeback. But now that their younger sister, the Bronco Sport, has arrived, choosing between these two beasts can be difficult. In order to help you decide which is best for your off-road adventures (or city commutes), this article compares and contrasts the Bronco with the Bronco Sport.

Size Does Matter: Supporting Ability

The size and capability differences are the most notable. With its body-on-frame structure, excellent ground clearance, and potent engine options, the Bronco is a true off-road vehicle. It’s perfect for taking on difficult hikes and navigating rough terrain. On the other hand, the Bronco Sport is a car-based small SUV. It focuses on comfort and agility on the road, yet it can go off-road to some extent.

Engine Power: Trail-Mounted Muscles

More engine options are available for the Bronco, including a powerful 2.7L EcoBoost V6 that produces 330 horsepower. This translates into a powerful towing capability and the required force to negotiate steep inclines. There are two engine options available for the Bronco Sport; the more potent 2.0L EcoBoost produces 250 horsepower, which is decent for a small SUV but falls short of the Bronco’s actual output.

Fuel Economy: Taking the commute into account

The Bronco Sport achieves better fuel efficiency thanks to its car-based platform and smaller dimensions. Depending on the engine and drivetrain selected, it can achieve up to 25 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. Because of its emphasis on off-road ability, the Bronco has lower fuel economy ratings; depending on configuration, it can get between 17 and 22 mpg.

Interior Room: Fit for Travelers and Equipment

With a bigger inside capacity and enough headroom and legroom to accommodate five people, the Bronco is a better option. Additionally, the cargo compartment is ideal for carrying outdoor or camping items. Because the Bronco Sport is a tiny SUV, five adults may find the cabin too small for them on longer trips. Folding down the back seats increases its load space, which is still adequate for most daily requirements.

Off-Road Skills: Handling the Unforgiving and Unsteady

Off-road capabilities are where the Bronco excels the most. With features like a front sway bar that disconnects, lengthy suspension travel, and numerous driving modes with crawl control, it’s equipped to tackle even the roughest terrain. Although the Bronco Sport has some off-road capability and all-wheel drive, it is not designed for extensive off-roading excursions.

Comfort and maneuverability on the road

On paved roads, the Bronco Sport is exceptional. Because of its automobile-based foundation, it handles and rides more smoothly in urban traffic. Because of its emphasis on off-road ability, the Bronco may feel a little harsher on smoother roads and take more work to drive in confined situations.

In conclusion, choose your bronco breed.

Your priorities will determine which of the Bronco and Bronco Sport you should choose. If you’ve been craving an off-road monster that can tackle any trail, the Bronco is the clear winner. The Bronco Sport could be the best option if you value a competent yet fuel-efficient SUV for regular trips with some off-road capability. To choose the perfect Bronco buddy, take into account your necessities, driving style, and level of adventurous preference!

FAQs: Bronco vs. Bronco Sport

Is the Bronco Sport not just a scaled-down Bronco?

Not exactly. They both go by the moniker Bronco, but the Bronco is an off-road SUV in its own right, while the Bronco Sport puts comfort and agility first when traveling on public roads.

2. Which Bronco uses less gasoline?

The Bronco Sport’s lower dimensions and car-based design allow it to have higher fuel efficiency.

3. Is it possible to drive an off-road Bronco Sport?

While the Bronco Sport does have some off-road capability and all-wheel drive, it is not designed for use on really difficult routes.

4. What Bronco can fit a larger freight capacity?

Because of its larger size, the Bronco provides extra cargo room.

5. Is parking a Bronco easier?

Because of its small size, the Bronco Sport is easy to drive and park in confined areas.

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